Pink Calla Lilies in Franklin on a Hot June Day

by Karen on June 17, 2008


I love to take pictures of flowers and my family loves to tease me about taking pictures of flowers! (“Yeah, hang on a minute. Mom is taking pictures of another flower.”) I come from a family of photographers with fancy cameras (Steph got a BFA from Belmont with a concentration in photography) so I get a little intimidated at times with only my little point & shoot and my iphone but I do okay. I am trying to squelch my competitive nature and learn what it means to simply appreciate beauty for myself. In fact, I have pictures of flowers that I really like (and if you knew how deep down critical I am of myself, you would know what a big deal that is for me!).

One of the things I am learning in my old age is to how to enjoy the little things in life — so I just take pictures of flowers for me. I am trying to discover what art is all about… discovering beauty just for the sake of enjoying the world, which for me is all about flowers. I have striven my whole life to “be somebody” which I learned from childhood means to be “productive” so art has always taken a back seat to whatever was “truly” important. On reflection, that is just so sad. I think that’s why the title “artist” has never been in my vocabulary for myself. But I have decided that in some way, we are all artists and that God made us to be creative and to create (even if it isn’t “productive” in the sense in which I have limited myself). So for now I am awakening the “artist” in me by taking pictures of flowers — beauty which is almost beyond comprehension found in everyday places.

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Longantoine 12.09.15 at 8:27 pm

Hello. I have just spent the last half hour looking at every sligne one of your blog posts your stuff is amazing! And your son is such a great model! I’d have a hard time getting my daughter to wear anything I make because 1) I’m not as good at sewing as you, and 2) she will only wear pink and stuff with Dora the Explorer on it.I’m both envious and inspired by your finished projects.

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Pendapat Saya sebenarnya hampir sama dgn 2 komentator terakhir (Ysalma & Wandi S). Kesempurnaan mutlak hanyalah milik-Nya. Untuk mendekati kesempurnaan dari tujuan yg diinginkan, sesungguhnya manusia belajar dari kesalahan dan kegagalan. Jadi memang jangan takut dipersalahkan untuk suatu tujuan yang baik dan benar. Makasih Mas atas apresiasinya

http://www./ 11.13.16 at 3:02 pm

Wow,die Karte ist wunderschön!Bin total begeistert von deiner wunderschönen Coloration mit den "Twinklings H2O`s",einfach Wahnsinn!Wow,es gibt bald wieder neue Stempel?Bin schon jetzt ganz neugierig! ;-)LG Manu! ;-)

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