God on the Beach

by Karen on February 11, 2009

beach-pa170076Sometimes you can see God’s heart in something simple like the light in the sunset. This is a photo I took at the beach in Emerald Isle, NC this fall with my sweet daughter Kelly.

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marina 02.12.09 at 10:54 pm

Hi Karen,
Just have to say, I love the new blog format. So clean and wide open.
This picture is stunning. I love driving to the beach near my parents’ home at night. I sometimes just sit in the car with the windows rolled down, eyes closed, breathing in the salty, nothing-like-this-scent air, listening to the waves crash on the rocks and shore over and over again. The power of God is in those waves. The breath of heaven is everywhere. There’s this great, simple song by Ten Shekel Shirt called “Ocean.” It’s all about the words. They take me to the ocean every time I listen to the song.

Karen 02.13.09 at 11:42 am

Thanks so much for your insightful comments. There’s something about the light on the water that is so stunning. I so appreciate your encouragement. K

Randy 12.09.15 at 1:17 pm

Great use of available light, love how you use scteelive focus and depth of field in your images, amazing backgrounds that work really well with your subject, your images tell the story. Nice and clean.

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