This is me, Dear Karen

Hi, my name is Karen Anderson and I’m also known as dearkaren.

This is me when I was thinner but there’s no reason to put a fat picture up when I’m on a diet and I know I’m going to lose weight soon (and fit into those jeans hanging in my closet). So for now, this is how I want to look again!

My husband Steve, a technology consultant in the insurance industry, is an amazing cook and you can find his favorite recipes on his website www.steveanderson.com.  We met in Young Life when we were seniors in high school and have been married since 1975. We have two daughters: Kelly, 27, who is an ER nurse at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina, and Stephanie, 24, who has a BFA from Belmont University and works for Friends Life, a day program for young adults with special needs. Steph also volunteers with Young Life Capernaum, an outreach to teens with disabilities and Steve and I serve on the mission wide board for Young Life Capernaum.

We love to travel, eat good food (which is why I don’t cook and am always on a diet), and drink good wine. (After all, red wine is good for your heart, right?)

So here’s the boring stuff about me:

Karen Anderson, M.S. has worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice and as a business consultant in marketing and publishing for the past 30 years. Karen received her M.S. from the University of Maryland in Family and Community Development, her B.A. from Taylor University with double majors in Psychology and Social Work, and her Post Graduate Clinical Training from the Family Therapy Institute in Washington DC. She also was a Direct Marketing Business Protégé of Jay Abraham in Los Angeles. She is currently a blogger, speaker and consultant.

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Audra Krell 03.08.09 at 2:14 pm

Karen, You are just so darn cute! Your new blog looks really great. When my blog grows up, it wants to be like yours!
But seriously, it’s very professional and very fun. Perfect combination, especially with the great writing.

Nina Slingsby 03.12.10 at 1:36 pm

I felt I needed to say that i agree: Life is to be lived to its fullest.

Dasie 05.26.10 at 4:50 pm

Karen, You are just so darn cute! Your new blog looks really great. When my blog grows up, it wants to be like yours!But seriously, it’s very professional and very fun. Perfect combination, especially with the great writing.

Dan Gilbert 11.16.11 at 3:25 pm

Hello, I have a quick question for you about your site. If you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day!

Dan Gilbert
Marketing Support Coordinator
Primrose Schools

Deniseandreia 12.09.15 at 1:59 pm

That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for conruibtting.

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