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Point and Shoot Photography

Natural Beauty in Colorado

by Karen on May 7, 2009

I was visiting with friends in the mountains of Colorado and had the opportunity (notice I didn’t say pleasure!) of hiking up to this beautiful waterfall. There’s something profoundly moving about seeing God’s beauty in nature, particularly when we drove up most of the way and walked down! I had time during our walk back […]


The Essence of Spring

by Karen on April 16, 2009

Living life to its fullest sometimes means stopping to notice the little things at our feet. These sweet, little blue flowers are growing all along the side of my yard. Since I am not a gardening person (philodendrons in the house are about all I can do!), I am very grateful to the dear person […]


Springtime in Franklin – My Pink Dogwood

by Karen on April 13, 2009

We were having a lovely lunch on the porch this afternoon when a man pulled up to our front house and asked if he could take a picture of our pink dogwood tree. He had never seen one (he had some sort of a foreign accent) and I thought it was a great idea! For […]


Easter in Franklin

by Karen on April 6, 2009

Happy Easter!


Why I love downtown Franklin

by Karen on February 11, 2009

Steeple at Cumberland Pres. in Franklin This photo was inspired by my friend Randy Elrod. Hopefully, imitation is still the highest form of flattery.


God on the Beach

by Karen on February 11, 2009

Sometimes you can see God’s heart in something simple like the light in the sunset. This is a photo I took at the beach in Emerald Isle, NC this fall with my sweet daughter Kelly.


Russian Countryside

by Karen on February 9, 2009

Russian Countryside

I took this picture in the countryside of Russia. In the last two years I have gone to Russia three times with Children’s Hopechest to visit orphanages and care for the caregivers who work with them. Russia has an estimated 800,000 orphans. This picture was on a river by village that was sort of like our Williamsburg (only older). It was lovely and so displayed the rich beauty of Russia. I’m learning how to reduce and post pictures so please be patient with me as I figure it out!