The Essence of Spring

Blue flowersLiving life to its fullest sometimes means stopping to notice the little things at our feet. These sweet, little blue flowers are growing all along the side of my yard. Since I am not a gardening person (philodendrons in the house are about all I can do!), I am very grateful to the dear person who planted these in my yard many years ago. (I don’t have a clue what kind they are so if you recognize them, please let me know!)

Even as the tornadoes blew through middle Tennessee last week, these little flowers just bent with the wind and rain and then perked up when the sun came out. I think that’s the essence of Spring and there’s something encouraging about that…

Springtime in Franklin – My Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood in my front yard

We were having a lovely lunch on the porch this afternoon when a man pulled up to our front house and asked if he could take a picture of our pink dogwood tree. He had never seen one (he had some sort of a foreign accent) and I thought it was a great idea! For my friends in the cold north, here’s a little sunshine and springtime to send your way!