Rex: A Mother, Her Autistic Child, and the Music that Transformed Their Lives

Our family is fairly involved with kids with disabilities. My husband and I are on the board of Young Life Capernaum, an incredible outreach to high school kids with special needs. Our daughter, Stephanie, works full-time with Friends Life for young adults with special needs and volunteers with YL Capernaum.

But at the risk of being embarrassingly honest here, I need to admit that when I first meet someone who is “disabled” I’m often uncomfortable. Sometimes I look away, not sure what the polite thing is to do. I don’t want to seem like I’m staring, yet I want to make eye contact to let them know I am trying to see them as a person, not as a person with a disability.

Catherine Lewis, in her story of her son Rex, she gives me an exceptional gift. She lets me take a long look and (more…)