Natural Beauty in Colorado

Shavano MountainI was visiting with friends in the mountains of Colorado and had the opportunity (notice I didn’t say pleasure!) of hiking up to this beautiful waterfall. There’s something profoundly moving about seeing God’s beauty in nature, particularly when we drove up most of the way and walked down!

I had time during our walk back down to the cabin to catch up with my dear friend, Katya, who was visiting from Russia. She provides orphan care and shared what has been going on in her life since I last saw her in Moscow.  Beautiful scenery and a time with a good friend… spectacular!

The Essence of Spring

Blue flowersLiving life to its fullest sometimes means stopping to notice the little things at our feet. These sweet, little blue flowers are growing all along the side of my yard. Since I am not a gardening person (philodendrons in the house are about all I can do!), I am very grateful to the dear person who planted these in my yard many years ago. (I don’t have a clue what kind they are so if you recognize them, please let me know!)

Even as the tornadoes blew through middle Tennessee last week, these little flowers just bent with the wind and rain and then perked up when the sun came out. I think that’s the essence of Spring and there’s something encouraging about that…